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Addiction is not easy to beat, especially on your own. It’s a disease of the mind and body that affects not only the addicted person, but virtually everyone around them. It can lead to relationship problems, loss of employment, financial crisis, trouble with the law, sickness and all too often, death. It’s a chronic, incurable and often fatal disease, but the good news is treatable.

Through rehabilitative treatment for substance use disorder and participation in recovery programs after treatment, millions of people have found long-term sobriety and the tools and resources to live lives they never imagined possible. Recovery is not only possible, it’s achievable, and there are many inspiring stories of people who have been at their absolute bottom but found their way back … with help.

Susquehanna County and the surrounding areas of Northeastern Pennsylvania are home to some of the best treatment facilities in the country, and a vibrant and thriving recovery community that can support people in recovery.

Don’t go it alone. Click or call (800) 662-4357 or visit the Get Help and Resources pages on this website to start the journey to your new life!